Monday, March 7, 2011

Jimi Hendrix by Shawn Stevens
Hendrix was a famous rock musician and singer.

Sojourner Truth by Rayne Garcia
Truth was a speaker for women's rights.

Shirley Chisholm by Peyton Black

She was a potitician, education, author.

Rosa Parks by Perry Gibson

She was the mother of the civil rights movement.

James Van Der Zee by Josh Minor

He was a photographer.

By Jordan Stinnett

Jesse Jackson by Jaeclinn Hall

He was a civil rights activist.

Benjamin Bannerker by Dylan Conley

He was a scientist, astronomer, inventor and writer.

Barbara Jordan by Caden Wood

She was a lawyer, public official and educator.

Scott Joplin by Alexis Thompson

He was the most famous ragtime composer of all time.

Charles Barkley by Alaina Smith

He was a famous NBA Basketball player.

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