Monday, March 7, 2011

Each year during Black History month in February, the fifth graders complete a drawing of a famous African American. They learn how to draw portraits using correct placement and proportion. They also learn the correct ways to make facial features and details. While they draw they are required to look at the image of the person they are drawing, trying to render them as much alike as possible. They are also required to read information about the person they were assigned and learn what the person did and why they were famous.
Frederick Douglas by Trenton Abbott
Douglas was a famous speaker, leader of the abolitionist
movement and an advisor to President Lincoln

Shirley Chisholm by Tatum True
Chisholm wasa politician, author and educator.

Langston Hughes by Sydney Smith
Hughes was a poet, novelist and playwright.

Martin Luther King Jr. by Rianna Kingery
King was a minister, leader of the Civil Rights and
winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Benjamin Bannerker by Ollivia Johnson
Bannerker was a scientist, astronomer,
inventor and writer.

Barbara Jordan by Maddy Toy
Jordan was a lawyer, public official
and educator.

George Washington Carver by Katie Ghiz
Carver was a scientist and inventor.
Rosa Parks by Karissa Withrow
Parks was a civil rights activist and her courageous
stance changed bus segeration laws forever.

Gwendolyn Brooks by Jordan Stinnett
Brooks was an award winning poet.
Jackie Robinson by Jake Elliott
Robinson was the first African American
to play Major League Baseball.
Ella Fitzgerald by Halley Conrad
Ella was a famous jazz singer.
Louis Armstrong by Glen Crum
Armstrong wasthe founding father of jazz.
Jimi Hendrix by Ethan Howell
Hendrix was a musician, singer, songwriter,
guitarist and cultural icon.

Chuck Berry by Carlie Bias
Berry was a rock music guitarist, singer
and songwriter.

Charles Drew by Branden Ash
Drew was and inventor. He developed the
blood bank.

William Dawson by Austin Black
Dawson wasmusician and composer.

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