Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Wild Things"
These were created by First Graders after we read the book
"Where the Wild Things Are"

Circus Elephants Created by Second Graders

Watercolor Resist Pigs Created by First Graders

Amazing Sea Turtles Created by First Graders
These turtles were created using woven paper, sponge painted paper, and crayon and printed paper !! Although the weaving was hard for most this project turned out Awesome !!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Primary Colored Symmetrical Butterflies

Created in 3rd Grade

Using Markers, Crayons and Cut Paper

Created by Korah Cain
Created by Skylar AdkinsCreated by Alison Withrow

Cut Paper Frogs

Created by 2nd Graders

Created by Lyndsey Keaton
Created by Grant Burrows

Created by Destyn Kingery

Created by Alexa Hoffman

Grid Art Using Warm and Cool Colors

Created by 5th Graders

By Peyton Black
By Perry Gibson

By Olivia Johnson By Maddy Toy

By Katie Ghiz By Karissa Withrow

By Jaeclinn Hall

By Halley Conrad

By Gracie Martin

By Drew Coopenhaver

By Brennan Holmes

Monday, May 16, 2011

Collage Cut Paper Resist Tropical Birds

Using Warm or Cool Colors

By Mrs. Murphy's Third Grade Class

By Victoria McCallister
By Tierdin Berry By Reagan Light

By James Stephens

By Jackson Gibson

By Haleigh Brooks

By Ethan Crum

Sea Turtles by Mrs. Irby's First Graders

By Kaedlee Potter

By Lindsey Cutler

By Rachel Elkins